This ad for Cuprinol begins with the sound of a crying baby, while a couple lies in their bed, before dawn. The man gets out of the bed, walks down the stairs and goes to the back yard, where instead of the crying coming from a baby, it is the garden shed. The man feeds the shed a bottle, but the shed spits the bottle out and continues to cry. The woman is standing on the steps to the house, holding a can of Cuprinol. Upon seeing the can of Cuprinol, the shed perks up and stops crying. The couple paints the shed a lovely shade of blue, causing the shed to coo and laugh.  
"Cuprinol Advert - Whimpering Garden"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

For protecting and brightening your garden. Cuprinol. Cheer it up.

Written Text

Cheer it up!

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