This commercial for Citi Thank You cards features three friends who embark on an exciting journey together. One man redeemed his Citi Thank You points for a weather balloon, and the three friends get together to launch the balloon, track the balloon and watch the amazing footage once they retrieve the balloon. 
"Citi: The Space Commercial (Updated)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I got the Citi Thank You Card and started earning loads of points.  
You got a weather balloon with points! 
Yes I did. 
Points I could use for just about anything. 
Keep on going in this direction. 
There it is. 
So I used mine to get a whole new perspective. 
Earn points with the Citi Thank You Card and redeem them for just about anything. Visit to apply. 
(Lyrics) Life is a rolling ocean 
If you want to stay in motion 
You gotta getta gotta getta gotta getta ahead of the wave

Written Text

Redeem points for just about anything 

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