This is a commercial for Google Chrome and A child uses The Peanut Gallery to create a personalized silent film, as part of a Google Chrome experiment. As the child talks, the words appear on the title card of the silent film.  
"Introducing the Peanut Gallery"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Action! What is this, question mark? It's a chrome experiment. It uses web speech API. Cool, period. I talk and the title card magically appears. Let's play!

Written Text 
The Peanut Gallery 
Peanut Gallery lets you add intertitles to old movies using your voice. 
Please allow access to your microphone. 
In order to get started 
Say Something! 
Try 'Action!' 
"What is this." 
"What is this?" 
"It's a." 
"It's a chrome experiments." 
"It's a chrome experiment." 
"It used." 
"It uses web Speech API." 
"Cool. I talk and the title card magically appears." 
"Let's play." 
The End 
"Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome" 
Watch your film 
Start over 
"My Silent Film"

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