This advert for Sainsbury's begins with a little girl lying on her bed, reading a story from a book to her silver-wrapped, chocolate Easter bunny. The little girl goes up the stairs with her rabbit, making him take one step, or hop, at a time. The little girl has her chocolate bunny, still in the silver wrapping, in the hallway, as her older brother races a toy car, nearly running in to the prized chocolate treat. The little girl takes her bunny for a ride, placing him in the basket on her bicycle. The bunny sits on the table as the little girl colors. The grandparents arrive at the house for Easter dinner - the food prepared, purchased at Sainsbury's. At the dinner table, the little girl kisses her chocolate bunny, and tries to feed it a piece of broccoli. Finally, at the end of the day as the family is gathered together to watch television, the mum nudges the dad and they both look at the little girl. She has finally unwrapped her bunny and has already eaten the ears clean off.  
"Easter TV ad 2013 - Sainsbury's"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This Easter, you can get everything you need at Sainsbury's. From lamb at half price, to chocolate bunnies. Sainsbury's. Live well for less. 
(Lyrics) Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit 
Your coat's mighty gray 
Yes, bless God, it's made that way 
Every little soul must shine, shine 
Every little soul must shine, oh 
Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit 
Your ears are mighty long 
Yes, bless God, they're put on wrong

Written Text

Live Well For Less 

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