A man walks in to a bar and is greeted by the crowd who shouts his name, Mark, welcoming him. Mark walks to the bar where he is served a bottle of Miller Lite. The bartender explains that Miller Lite is the perfect combination of taste and refreshment. Mark asks what this place is, after realizing that there chair at the bar has his name on the back. The bartender tells Mark that this is beer heaven. Mark leans back in his chair, accidentally bumping into a waitress who drops the tray of Miller Lite bottles on the floor. The bottles fall, landing upright, not a drop spilled. Because in beer heaven, there is no spilled beer. 
"Miller Lite - Beer Heaven"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, Mark! The perfect combination of taste and refreshment. We've been expecting you. 
Where am I? 
Beer Heaven. 
Only one beer is good enough for Beer Heaven. Miller Lite. The ultimate lite beer.

Written Text

Beer Heaven 
Miller Lite 
The ultimate lite beer

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