This commercial for Barry M. Lash Vegas mascara begins with a close-up on a woman with defined, dark eyelashes. Four women, all wearing blue dresses, walk along the top of a stretch Hummer SUV. Two men, dressed as Roman soldiers, use mascara wands to show the volume that is possible with Lash Vegas mascara. A woman is dressed in a showgirl headpiece with blue and yellow feathers. The headpieces doubles in size, showing how the Lash Vegas mascara makes eyelashes as "big as an elephant". Another woman swings from a chandelier as fireworks explode behind her. The commercial ends with a white tiger, lying down as the Lash Vegas Mascara tube is shown.  
"Lash Vegas Mascara TV Ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Introducing the new fabulous Lash Vegas Mascara. Our big, bad brush separates and volumizes, transforming your lashes into the size of an elephant. So show off with showgirl lashes. Lashes as black as a power cut and with the volume of a tiger when it purrs. Lash Vegas by Barry M. 
(Lyrics) Oh so incredible 
Love the way you roll 
Straight up on your toes 
You just made the show 
My sexy cameo 
Now you're in the spotlight 
'Cause you're more than some dressing room excitement 
You deserve an encore 
Can you hear them screaming yeah 
Don't know it but you make me wanna scream your name

Written Text

Lash Vegas 
Barry M.

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