This advert is for the KFC Bacon and Cheese chicken sandwich. Giving KFC chicken is a great way to say what you want, without having to say anything at all. The commercial begins with a man giving his friend, who is in the hospital in a body cast, a Bacon & Cheese sandwich as a way to say "Thanks for jumping first". Another man is being laughed at by two girls walking past him. His friend hands him a Bacon & Cheese Burger as a way to say "Forgive me for posting that picture of you". And finally, two men stand behind an all female Pilates class, both eating their KFC sandwiches as a way of saying "Thanks for introducing me to Pilates". Say it better with chicken. 
"KFC Bacon & Cheese - Say It With Chicken 30"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Another opportunity to say it with chicken. Like, "Thank you, buddy, for jumping first", "Forgive me, dude, for posting that picture of you", and "Eternal gratitude, mate, for introducing me to Pilates". KFC's Bacon and Cheese burger with premium short cut bacon and tender chicken filet, it says it all.

Written Text

Say it with Chicken 
so good

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