This commercial is for the video game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. The commercial begins with Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer walking to a small airplane in an airplane hangar. A group of men come up to Tiger and Arnold, demanding their trophies. Tiger and Arnold aren't going to give up their trophies without a fight, and fight is exactly what they do. After Tiger and Arnold successfully defeat their attackers, leaving them battered and bruised, another man approaches them. This is a giant black man with a red mohawk. Arnold takes this man on by himself, but the man is seemingly unfazed by Arnold's moves. That's when another man, Lee Trevino, flies in on a zipline, finishing the job. Golf's greatest legends aren't going down without a fight.  
"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 | The Rumble"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You been playing a lot at home, or no? 
I hit a few balls once in a while, that's about all. 
Hey! I've been looking for you two. Hand over the trophies and no one gets hurt.  
You mean these? 
Or this one? 
All of them. 
That's not gonna happen. 
Omaha spread? 
That's what I was thinking. 
That was fun. 
I got this. 
The greatest golfers of all time aren't going down without a fight. Take on the legends, if you dare. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Rated "E" for Everyone. EA Sports. It's in the game. Xbox 360 starting at $99.

Written Text

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Presents 
The Rumble 
Lee Trevino 
Arnold Palmer 
Tiger Woods 
Jack Nicklaus 
Seve Ballesteros 
Bobby Jones 
In Stores 3.26.13 
EA Sports 
XBOX 360 
Jump in. 
Xbox 360 starting at $99

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