A woman is in a crowded, loud bar. A man walks in, a friend of the woman, who tries to have a conversation with her, but since the bar is so loud, he can't understand what she says. When the man asks if he can buy the woman a drink, she acts out in a game of charades, that she wants a Baileys. Her charades turn out to be rather seductive. When the man doesn't get any of her clues, she walks over to him and kisses him. That's when he understands that she wants (another) Baileys. When the man orders the drinks, the bartender can't hear him, making the man look over his shoulder at the woman, wondering how to get the bartender to understand his order... 
"Baileys Charades"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Baileys. Let your senses guide you.

Written Text

Hi Mel 
Loud isn't it 
Two Baileys 

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