This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Hummingbird', starring Jason Statham, Lee Asquith-Coe, Vicky McClure. 
"Hummingbird - Official HD Trailer - In Cinemas May 17"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wake up! 
Joey, don't fight back. 
Run, Isabelle! 
Hi, this is Damon. I won't be available on this number until October the first. If you need me, reach me on my New York number.  
Joseph? Where did you get those clothes? Did you hurt someone? 
Only myself. I need to get my life back together.  
Joey! There's trouble. 
It's late boys. You'll miss your train. 
They say you're a hard man. It's a hard city.  
You wanna work? 
You know what kind of work I do. 
Step out of the way, my friend.  
You seem so together now. You're like a different person. 
I just did what I had to do. 
Last night they found a girl. 
Her name's Isabella. 
Did you love her? 
I see what's happening in this city. They want their lives back! 
Who are you? 
There are things I have to do. 
It's enough money to get us away. 
Why are you running, Joey? 
You should know how it feels to be down there. 
It's not forgiveness.

Written Text

IM Global 
A Safe Place 
Time To Heal 
A Second Chance 
From the Oscar-Nominated Writer of Eastern Promises 
From the Oscar-Nominated Writer of Dirty Pretty Things 
This Year 
"Unflinching and Gritty... 
British Drama At Its Most Gutsy" - Reader's Digest 
"A Powerhouse Thriller" - Nuts 
In Cinemas May 17

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