This is a promo commercial for the reality matchmaking television series, 'Ready For Love' on NBC. 
"The Perfect Match - Ready For Love"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If you think it's easy for three guys as amazing as this to find true love? You'd be wrong. We've got the world's greatest matchmakers to find the perfect women with a little bit of guidance. 
It's called get the guy. 
You showed your heart. 
I just want you to keep building on it. 
She didn't say she was gonna do that. 
Three great guys are ready for love. Premieres April 9th after The Voice on NBC. 
(Lyrics) Oh I would do it for you, for you 
Baby I'm not moving on 
I love you long after you're gone 
For you 
Give me reasons to believe 
For you 
For you

Written Text

But Love Is Unpredictable 
Ready For Love 
Tuesday April 9 
After The Voice

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