This is a commercial promo for the reality matchmaking series, 'Ready for Love'. 
"The Quest for True Love Begins - Ready For Love Preview"

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It's so hard to date anybody today, I know. That's why I wanted to make the show, 'Ready for Love'. We searched the entire country and found three incredible guys.  
I'm looking for my match. I'm looking for the one I need. 
I'm not the typical rock star. I can count the women I've been with on my fingers.  
The girl of my dreams is out there somewhere. 
But we wanted this experience to be real. So instead of casting agents, we enlisted the top three matchmakers in the world. 
Tracy, Matt and I were actually able to go through and choose women we felt are ready for love. 
Guys and girls will finally meet on this stage through this amazing search for love. 
This is the start of something new. 
One of these girls is potentially my wife. 
I'm ready. Our three guys are ready. America? Are you ready for love? 
Ready for Love premieres Tuesday, April 9th after The Voice on NBC. 
(Lyrics) Hold on to hope love 
I searched high and low for you

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Eva Longoria 
Executive Producer 
Ready for Love 
Tuesday April 9 
after The Voice

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