This tourism advertisement shows user submitted footage of people having fun and doing things in Canada. Some of these activities include cliff jumping, mountain biking, snowboarding, water skiing, white water rafting, canoeing, dolphin/whale watching, walking across a train bridge, walking on a rocky beach, enjoying the skyline of a city while on a walk, riding a roller coaster, camping, star gazing, going to sporting events, sledding, and much more. 
In addition to activities, we see beautiful landscapes from sandy beaches to snowcovered trees, and flat plains to tall mountains, and even the Northern Lights. You can also enjoy great food like lobster, burgers, ham, onion rings, hotdogs, gyros, and ice cream. Wildlife includes geese, bears, groundhogs, horses, bald eagles, wolves, polar bears, and moose.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You get these urges to just drive all night long 
I have these urges to just ride along 
Sometimes I think that I just don't remember names 
Whoa o oo ooo 
You left your roller coaster attitudes back home 
And found a little place just on your own 
I want to wake up under the stars 
Travel the mountains 
This is my home

Written Text

We asked Canadians to share their Canada. 
We received over 65 hours of footage. 
Here's 2 minutes. 
Keep exploring 

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