"The 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid - Things Can Always Be Better" 
This commercial features several unique and interesting inventions such as: 
* a human-powered, super-light airplane that flaps its wings 
* twisty flourescent tube lights 
* a tiny robotic flying insect 
* a man riding a monovelo - a "bike" with one huge wheel that he sits inside of 
Honda compares itself to these inventors and inventions because of the great car they created with the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At Honda, we know some people are never satified with a good idea, and work day and night until they end up in a place that no one ever dreamed of. Because they know that things can always be better. Well, us too. Introducing the re-designed, 44 mile per gallon highway Civic Hybrid. The best Civic Hybric yet. Made possible by Honda.

Written Text

Things can always be better. 
XM1 ch309 
H Civic Hybrid 
The Honda Civic Hybrid 
44 MPG Rating 

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