The commercial begins with a man walking around on deserted city streets. He looks around and notices a cloud of dust start to form just over the horizon, where a herd of Wildebeest are running toward him. As the animals pass around a corner, a dinosaur (T-Rex) crashes through a building, stomping its foot on a parked car as it roars, blowing the man's hair as the dinosaur gets up close and personal. With one simple hand gesture, the man gets the dinosaur to close his mouth and back away. Still standing in the empty street, the man is passed by several speeding cars. When the man turns around, he finds a small brown teddy bear riding a tricycle. The man nods at the bear and the bear tips his hat, before they both look up to the sky, with their mouths open, to witness a space craft hovering over the tops of the skyscrapers. A battle scene erupts as the spaceship and other flying space craft exchange gun fire, blowing up cars in the process. Just as a fireball is heading directly toward the man, the man says "Pause", suspending everything in the air. The camera pans out and now the man is sitting on his couch in front of his Samsung Smart TV, watching a movie that has been paused. With a swipe of his hand, the Smart TV screen displays different viewing options.

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Smart TV 
A New way to control TV 

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