This commercial for Dick's Sporting Goods is all about training and preparing yourself to be the best athlete you can be. It begins with a girl diving into the water, setting up the lane dividers. A baseball team takes the field for practice. A football takes the field for practice. A soccer team takes the field for practice. One of the female soccer players looks at the scar on her knee before putting on her knee brace, preparing for team tryouts. A young man is on the basketball court, dribbling the ball as the lights are turned on, and the team enters the gym. A hockey team waits impatiently for the skaters on the ice rink to clear so the rink can be set up for hockey tryouts. A wrestling team rolls out wrestling mats on the gymnasium floor as a coach gives a speech about day one of the journey to be part of the team. Be the best. Be Untouchable - from day one. 
"DICK'S Sporting Goods Commercial - Day One"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Day one on this journey, man. You know how many varsity spots I've got? You want to be one of those 12, you gotta get better each and every day. 30! Get in there! Are you gonna look down in shame, say, man, I could've worked a little harder, could've pushed it just a little bit harder? Don't let that happen. You gotta do it all year long.

Written Text

Welcome Back 
From Day One Be Untouchable 
Every Tryout 
Every First Practice 
Every Opportunity 
Every Season Starts at Dick's Sporting Goods.

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