"Architect - 2013 Camry commercial" 
This commercial shows a woman at a construction site. She is the architect for the project, and she hates all the noise of the building. The hammering, the sawing, the jackhammer, cement mixers, and the large trucks and equipment. After arguing with the construction foreman, she gets in her Toyota Camry and the quiet cabin allows her to calm down and leave all those stresses behind. 
The song in this ad was created just for the commercial.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All that surrounds me 
Want to set free 
??? beautiful now letting be 
And all around just fell onto the street 
And all ??? on our feet 
Oh yeah 
You whisper sweet nothings, sweet nothings, sweet nothings to me 
Sweet nothings, sweet nothings to me

Written Text

When you enjoy something, you stop thinking about everything else. 
Camry 2013 
Let's go places

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