"Bulmers Reverse" 
This advert moves completely in reverse. It begins at the end of a fun day with a group of friends. The walk backwards down some stairs from a rooftop party. Moving backward, we arrive at a party where one of the girls is dressed up like a cat. Then we see that they are all covered in paint/powder because before this party they were at an event where everyone was throwing colorful pastel powder at each other. If we follow them all the way back to the beginning of their reverse day, we see that it all started with them having a glass of Bulmers beer.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We don't have a master plan, so we don't know where the night will take us, but one things is certain - it will begin with a Bulmers. 
Watch me now 
Feel the groove 
Into something 
Gonna make you move 
Here we come 
On the run 
Don't know what we're running from 
Day or night 
We had fun 
But it's just begun

Written Text

Bulmers Original 
In the beginning

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