This commercial for Kraft salad dressing features "Zesty Guy" (Anderson Davis) who helps prepare a salad. Zesty guy begins his salad-making wearing a beige sport coat with a white T-shirt underneath. He removes his jacket before he begins his culinary work. Zesty Guy asks the ladies how zesty they like their salad. He holds a red pepper, saying that it is the most beautiful pepper he's ever held. He throws the pepper in the air. When it lands on the cutting board, it is neatly sliced into rings. Zesty Guy adds Kraft Zesty Italian dressing to a pan on the stovetop. When Zesty Guy cranks up the zesty factor to "a lot", the flames from the pan burn his shirt off, revealing a muscular torso.  
"The Zesty Guy Says Hey"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ladies, let's make a salad, shall we? Mmmm. This is the most beautiful pepper I've ever held. How zesty do you want it? A little? A little more? How 'bout a lot more? Whoo! Oh. Let's get zesty.

Written Text

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing 
Let's Get Zesty 
Production Company: Green Dot Films  
Richard Farmer - Director  
Shawn Kim - DP  
Darren Foldes - Executive Producer  
Rich Pring - Executive Producer  
Geoff Clough - Producer  
Editorial: Whitehouse Post  
Joni Williamson - Executive Producer  
Dan Oberle - Editor  
James Dierx - assistant editor  
Lynne Mannino - Post Producer  
VFX: The Mission  
Michael Pardee - Executive Producer  
Rob Trent - Creative Director  
Ryan Meredith - VFX Producer  
Music: Massive Music  
Scott Cymbala - Executive Music Producer  
Jessica Entner - Executive Music Producer  
Agency: Being  
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman  
Executive Creative Director: Patrick O’Neill  
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Lindsey Montague  
Art Director: Annie Johnston  
Copywriter: Clay Summers  
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Richard O’Neill  
Producer: Tim Newfang  
Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson  
Executive Business Manager: Lisa Lipman  
Project Manager: Holly Prine  
Global Account Director: Jennifer Nottoli  
Account Director: Shannon Franqui  
Account Supervisor: Pamela Lloyd  
Account Executive: Francesca Nunez  
Assistant Account Executive: Brigette Edler  
Group Account Assistant: Alissa Pindea  
Group Planning Director: Lorraine Ketch  
Planner: Whitney Martinez

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