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"Greetings From Tim Buckley - Official First Look HD (2013)"

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Please leave a message. 
Uh, hi. I'm trying to reach Jeff Buckley.  
What else? 
Is this Jeff? 
Yeah, yeah, yeah. 
Oh, great. I'm Janine. We're putting on a concert tribute to your father.  
I didn't really know my father.  
You're here. Hey, I'm Janine, it's great to meet you. 
Hi, I'm Jeff. Nice to meet you. 
This is your schedule. That's your per diem.  
I think we're gonna have a lot of fun with this money. 
Not in this town. 
Wow. That is spooky. You're like a ghost. Yeah, you look just like him. 
I didn't know Tim had a son. 
Neither did he, so that makes two of you. 
How'd you get to be the slave? 
I'm not the slave, I love working here, like, these people are incredible. Also, I have a huge, huge crush on your father.  
Huge, huge? Huge, huge? You're sure it isn't just huge? Where to now? 
I have to get back.  
Oh, what? 
I have to get back. 
No, we have to go forth. 
I'm interning at a concert that Jeff's playing at.  
You're a performer! 
No, no. I'm the mascot. I'll be dressed as an orange. 
I have no idea what that means. 
So, it's to do with Tim Buckley. It's a tribute concert, so.. 
Oh, lovely, lovely. 
You know frankly, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but this whole thing, this whole concert is fucking ridiculous. All these people paying tribute to Tim. 
My father was a total phony. 
Did you know him? 
I met him twice actually. Once when I was one year old, the second time when I was eight.  
All these people, you know, you look like him, you look like him. 
You do. You look like him. 
You know all that stuff about your dad? You oughta put all that shit behind you. 
I'm Jeff Buckley. 
(Lyrics) You don't remember what to say 
You don't remember what to do 
You don't remember where to go 
You don't remember what to choose 
(Lyrics) Once I was a soldier 
And I fought on foreign sands for you 
And the hours that ran wild 
And the magic of our eyes 
And the silence of our words 
Do you ever remember me

Written Text

Brooklyn, NY 1991 
Orange County, CA 1966 
The father he never knew 
A legacy he couldn't escape 
The concert that changed his life 
Greetings from Tim Buckley

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