"Lucky Penny" 
This commercial shows a little boy to picks up a penny and immediately assumes it is a lucky penny. Unfortunately, as soon as he picks it up, it appears that his luck has already run out. He starts out by missing his school bus. Then while saying "hi" to a girl at school, he gets hit in the face with a dodge ball. As he stares at his lucky penny on his way home with a bandage on his face, his mom's car gets a flat tire. That's where his luck changes because the flat happens right in front of a McDonald's, so he gets a treat for dinner. On his way out, he decides to pass the luck along and he puts the cent in the Ronald McDonald House charity container.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Whoa, lucky penny. 
Are you okay? 
The simple joy of generosity.

Written Text


I'm lovin' it

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