"Sony Xperia Z on Three. User Tested." 
This advert shows a baby playing with various toys. She is then given a Sony Xperia Z smartphone to play with. She watches videos on it, and hits it on her highchair and drops it several times while she's having fun, but it doesn't matter because the phone is built of durable material. Next the little girl is having a bath, and she still has the phone with her. It is covered in soap bubbles, and then drops into the bath tub. The phone continues to work because it is water and dust resistant.

Written Text

Sony Xperia Z 
Full HD display. 
Glass fibre polyamide frame. 
Toughened glass. 
Water and dust resistant. 
Ultrafast and LTE-ready. 
Stamina mode. 
And user tested. 
3 Three 
Speed Test Complete, Bits per Second 
Power Management, Tip! Activate the power saving tools below to extend battery lifetime. 
Power Saving Modes 
Stamina mode - Disables mobile data when the screen is off

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