"Lick It" 
This dirty little advert begins with a woman complaining to a man that he hasn't cleaned up his flat. When she reaches down to pick some things up, she spills a can of his Carling beer. Of course, you can't waste good beer, so he starts to lick it up. This give the woman an idea, and she starts pouring cans of beer all over the house having the man lick it up. Soon he has "spit shined" the entire house, which gives the woman another idea. She strips down and tries to pour some beer on herself, but she has run out too soon...

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You haven't cleaned the flat. 
Wild thing 
You make my heart sing 
You make everything groovy 
Wild thing, I think I love you 
But I want to know for sure

Written Text


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