"Pump Chase" 
This commercial shows a gas station attendant sleeping in front of his fuel station in the middle of the desert. A Kia Sportage comes along and drives right past, and the attendant gets up and starts chasing after him with one of the pumps with an extremely long hose. The driver just keeps going, but every time he passes a gas station, the same thing happens. Soon there is a crowd of gas station workers chasing the car. As he keeps going, one worker things he's got a better idea, and he jumps out from behind a bush to try to fill the man's tank up. Soon there are workers rappelling from the overpasses. Next they start chasing him with a tanker truck as more attendants start running down from the mountains. The driver just shifts up and speeds away from them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Run boy run boy run boy run 
They're gonna get you, boy, run boy run 
They're gonna get you, boy, run boy run 
Run boy run boy run boy run

Written Text

Fuel Stop 
The Kia Sportage. Keep going. 
Kia Motors

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