"Feel the Music: American Eagle Outfitters Spring Break 2013" 
This commercial for American Eagle features several college-aged kids getting interviewed on their thoughts about music.

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Music plays a pretty big part in my life, for sure. 
I love the feeling of just letting go and letting loose and music does that for me. 
Anything that has dancing and really loud music involved - I love going to. Whenever there's music on, I just feel like jamming. 
I'm a dancer, and so music, to me is a form of expression. 
The thing that I most appreciate about music is that you can make it say so much without even using any words. 
Music makes me feel everything at once. 
Music really sets the mood wherever I am. Whether it's with my friends or I'm alone. 
I listen to music to, like, get me in a certain mood or to pump me up. 
I just go, drive around with my windows down, and just crank some music. There's a freedom in that. 
It's just cool to see a group that you've listened to, like, for so long finally in front of your face. 
I love music. There's no other way I can put it. 
I love music. 
It's the kind of thing that you just feel in your bones. It's everything I love. 
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Written Text

Jarett, Surfer, Tilamook, OR 
Stage 1 
Classixx Stage 
Marisa, Ballet Dancer, Buffalo, NY 
Malia, Surfer, Haleiwa, HI 
Ben, Hip Hop Dancer, Los Angeles, CA 
Emily Beth, Singer, Pine, CO 
Elexa, Fashionista, Levittown, PA 
Gabby, Art Student, Carmichael, CA 
Ronnie, Student Athlete, Atlanta, GA 
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