"Oh My Love" 
This advert shows a man getting up early in the morning because he is excited about the new bike he bought. He was able to buy the new bike by trading in his old equipment through the Trocathlon event by Decathlon. 
Trocathlon is an event organized by Decathlon. There people can sell their old sports equipment to buy then new material in Decathlon. 
The aim was to get as many people would like to renew your material. The idea, then, was to awaken in them the need to brand, always under a sporting point of view. 
Renew your desire to play sports.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh my dear, my love 
Today's bright star 
??? of our love 
That will bear our hearts and make us 
Believe in second chances 
Our hearts are free 
Together we can change it 
You will see 
Come with me my love 
Oh come with me 
I'll take your hand in mine 
And set us free, my love

Written Text

Del 8 al 16 de Marzo 
Deposita, vende, compra 
Renueva tus ganas de hacer deporte 

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