"Gars Intense (Intense Guy) - Parfaitement TROP (Too Perfect) - Harley-Davidson Qu├ębec" 
This commercial features an "intense" guy. In the morning when he wakes up, he gets out of hid bed in a loft and instead of walking down the stairs, he just jumps off the landing and does a somersault on the ground. He doesn't use plates or cups, and just pours hot coffee into his mouth straight from the coffee pot and cracks raw eggs into his mouth - eating even the shell. He makes his toast by burning tribal designs into it using a blow torch. Instead of changing, he just rips his shirt off, and to take out the garbage, he throws the whole can out the (closed) window. He kicks down his door to leave for the morning before getting on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to drive off.

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Harley Davidson - Parfaitement Trop

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Parfaitement Trop 
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