"Old Spice | Meet the Wolfdog" 
This commercial begins with the Old Spice "Wolf Dog" sitting in an office at the Procter and Gamble headquarters. Around his neck is some electronic device that he is trying to set up. When it finally starts working we see that it is allowing him to talk to us. What follows is our introduction to Wolfdog and his business style, including making great marketing decisions, and eating the interns.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

*Wolf Howl* 
It's working. Collar operational, and human words coming out. Hi, I'm Mr. Wolfdog. Old Spice was looking for someone to market their new wild collection of scents. Someone from the wild, and I guess that's me - Director Wolfdog, new Executive Director of Marketing. Did you notice I have these cliche businessman decorations? I have them to show that I am definitely successful in business and definitely not just a wild animal. Also, look at this calculator. Would a dangerous wild animal use a calculator? I think not. You see, I fully understand marketing. Wild collection smell products. Boom, you've been seduced by my marketing. That's marketing that I just did to you, and it's how I get business done. Stamp, stamp, stamp. I just made a million dollars. That's what I just did. 
Bring in more business looking awards. 
Here's a tough one. How does a business leader resist the strong stomach-oriented urge to eat his staff members? The hard fact is - you don't. Sometimes you got to eat people, America. That's how business works, and that's why I'm successful. Listen, my point is this: Follow my Twitters or read my blog writings because I am about to make Old Spice Wild Collection the wildest brand in the world. You're welcome. 
Bring in the meat sacks.

Written Text

Procter & Gamble Plaza 
Cincinnati, OH 
Old Spice 
Mr. Wolfdog 
54 401 1 403 88 
Purchase new wild collection with your money. 
Old Spice deodorant. Delicious! 
Follow my twitters: @DirectorWolfDog 
Readings my blog:

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