"Old Spice | Wolfdog Needs a Personal Assistant"

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The first thing I did after I took this new highly paid job of marketing Old Spice Wild Scents is turn to my assistant and say, "We need some fresh blood in this building." I, of course, was referring to the animal blood I could drink and drizzle on other things that I could eat. She misunderstood and thought I needed fresh new faces to work here. After I fired her in an embarrassing fashion, I realized she had a great idea, and promptly re-hired her and asked her to set up a live Google Hangout tomorrow to interview for the position of my personal assistant - her job. I didn't want to limit my choices, so the interview was open to everyone. Come by, and then I will interview as many candidates as Wolfdogedly possible. And Susan, I'm taking full credit for this amazing idea, so you're fired again.

Written Text

Katie Mackle, Jose Diaz, Jamie Johnson 
Old Spice 
Mr. Wolfdog

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