"Emma, Le Trèfle" 
This advert features a couple where the man likes everything digital, and the woman likes everything on paper (analog). The husband complains when the wife is doing an art project with her young song on paper, and he thinks they should just "draw" on a tablet computer. Next he complains when she leaves Post-It notes on the refrigerator when she could use a note-taking app. He then suggests that she should use a Sudoku instead of a puzzle book, he is disappointed when she prints things off of the computer, and he laughs at her for reading a real, paper book instead of an eBook. Then we see him in the bathroom with an empty roll of toilet paper. When he calls for help, she slides his tablet under the door with a picture of a roll of toilet paper on it. Which is better now, paper or digital?

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Every day it's getting on my nerves 
Oh I'm begging you please 
Leave me alone

Written Text

Le Papier a un grand avenir (The paper has a great future) 
Le Trefle (The Clover) 
Vraiment Plus Large (More really large)

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