"Citro├źn White Smoke" 
This advert begins with crowds at the Vatican waiting for the white smoke telling them a new Pope has been elected. The crowd sees the black smoke signaling that no Pope has been chosen, but them a man is seen walking out onto the Sistine Chapel roof. He starts messing around with the chimney and then the smoke turns white. It was just a Citroen employee filtering the bad emissions of the black smoke like they do with their hybrid cars.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The crowd is buoyant waiting for news, and there we have it - black smoke signaling no Pope has been elected. Hang on, there's a man on the chapel roof. He appears to be fiddling with the chimney. He's got Citroen written on his back. The smoke is white. White smoke, incredible. An historic day. 
Citroen - working to reduce emissions. 
Citroen - Creative Technologie

Written Text

Particulate filters on all diesel cars 
Micro-hybrid technology 
Full-hybrid deisel 
Pure Tech engines 
Creative Technologie

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