"The Zesty Guy Gets Steamy" 
This commercial for Kraft salad dressing features the "Zesty Guy" (Anderson Davis) mixing up some vegetables in a bowl with Italian dressing. He seductively licks off the spoon when he's done, and he's so hot that just looking at the butter on the table causes it to melt. After he serves up a double entendre about "going Italian" while flipping a sausage, he pulls the cover off a large pot of boiling water releasing a cloud of steam. The steam soaks his shirt exposing his muscled body.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, hey ladies. In the mood to make something special? I sure am. You know, once you go Italian, you'll never to back. Mmmmmmm. Ooo, steamy. Let's get zesty.

Written Text

Kraft Zesty Italian Anything Dressing 
Kraft - let's get Zesty Italian Dressing

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