Nike presents the MVPs (Most Valuable Puppets). The roommate puppet versions of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant get competitive in this campaign for the NBA Playoffs.

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Since the dawn of time, man has asked the question, "What makes Kobe Bryant, a.k.a. The Black Mamba, so unstoppable?". 
What makes him dunk so unstoppable? 
Who's asking these questions? 
What makes his three-pointers so unstoppable? 
Nobody. Nobody knows. 
What makes his overall unstoppableness, unstoppable? 
Who you talkin' to like that? 
Is it possible to stop something that's unstoppable? 
I don't know. 
Is the answer to the question yet another question? We may never know. And in never knowing, the unknowable is unstoppable. 
This DVD was produced, directed, edited and presented by Kobe Bryant, a.k.a. The Black Mamba, for LeBron. 
Good luck.

Written Text

Lebron Game Tape 
Cleveland Cavs Game Tape 
And Now A Message From Kobe Bryant 
Since the Dawn Of Time 

by Kobe 
aka The Black Mamba 
for LeBron

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