This commercial for Old Spice bar soap begins with a man in the shower, getting clean and fresh with Old Spice soap. The freshness follows him around all day - literally. Everywhere the man goes, the shower goes with him, flooding everything with water and soap suds. As he drives in his car, the water is pouring out of the doors, as he soaps up in the driver's seat. The man, a surgeon, is in the operating room with a patient on the table, as the soapy water continues to rain down. At dinner, the man eats his salad, as soap and water fill his plate.  
"Old Spice | Shower"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) You gotta wash your body the manly way 
And the freshness will follow you all through your day 
It's literally following you everywhere 
This could actually be a fairly serious problem 
This is not good because he's probably ruining that person's body who he's operating on 
This is way more freshness than anyone expected 
New Old Spice bar soap, never leave your house again

Written Text

The Bar Soap You've Been Smelling For 
Old Spice  
Pure Sport

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