This commercial for Kraft Cool Whip Frosting is a sort of public service announcement for mistreated cakes. As images of homemade cakes are shown, crumbling, broken, poorly frosted, a man speaks of the horrors that cakes have suffered over the years, from being destroyed with bad frosting. But wait! You can help end the suffering of these poor, innocent cakes. Buy Cool Whip Frosting, and make the world a better, sweeter, cakey-er place. 
"TV ad- Kraft Cool Whip- Mistreated Cakes"

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The images you're about to see may be difficult to look at. Sadly, every year, millions of innocent cakes are mangled, mistreated and hurt. But there is something you can do. Go to the freezer section and pick up new Cool Whip Frosting. It's whipped, fluffy and perfectly sweet, so it spreads on easily, leaving cakes unharmed. Please help. Cool Whip Frosting. Together, we can change the way cakes are frosted.

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The images you're about to see may be difficult to look at. 
Cool Whip Frosting 
Find it in the freezer section.

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