This commercial for Facebook Home shows a man, boarding a plane, ready for a boring business trip. But thanks to Facebook Home, he is able to bring his friends along with him, keeping him entertained as he looks through the pictures they've posted. Two friends who are lying on the beach are suddenly in the airplane cabin, lying in the overhead compartments. Two Drag Queens pop up, one singing a song over the business traveler's shoulder. The man's nephew appears in the aisle, with chocolate all around his mouth, while wearing a birthday hat. He tells his uncle that he ate ALL of the chocolate cake. When the flight attendant tells him he needs to put his phone away, he checks one last photo - a friend with her cats. When he "likes" the photo, the cats are in the cabin of the plane, jumping over the seats. 
"Facebook Home Airplane"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, what's up, man? 
Uncle Josh! I ate all the chocolate cake! 
Sir? I need you to put that away now. 
Welcome to Facebook Home. A whole new experience for your phone.  
(Lyrics) Listen to me, honey dear 
Something's wrong with you I fear

Written Text

Facebook Home 
Coming soon on the HTC First. Exclusively at AT&T.

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