This commercial for Pepsi begins with Beyonce, practicing in front of a mirror in an empty dance studio. As she tries out some new choreography, she walks to the radio, turning off the sound as she grabs a can of Pepsi from an ice-filled cooler. While Beyonce is taking a drink from the can, the music begins to play again. When Beyonce looks in the mirror, she sees herself, but from different points in her career. Various versions of Beyonce appear in the mirrors. Beyonce starts dancing, and the "Past Beyonces" all move exactly the same as the "Present Beyonce", but they are wearing their fashions from the corresponding time in Beyonce's history as an artist. All of the Beyonces dance together, until the mirror shatters and Beyonce opens her eyes to see that she is still alone in the studio. Beyonce looks at herself in the mirror and smiles before walking away with her ice-cold Pepsi. 
"Pepsi Beyoncé "Mirrors" - Official 2013 video - #BeyHereNow"

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Embrace your past, but live for now. 
(Lyrics) They love the way I walk 
Cause I walk with a vengeance 
And they listen to me when I talk 
Cause I ain't pretending 
It took a while now I understand 
This where I'm going 
'Cause I put it down like that down like that 
I know what I want and who I am, 'bout time I show it 
And I'm moving, round like that. round like that 
When I do it 
I can be bad if I want 
I can go slow all night long 
I'm a grown woman

Written Text

Live For Now 

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