"Virgin Mobile Presents: Retrain Your Brain" 
This commercial features Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips. If begins with him sitting in a chair made out of a brain. Next we see a man petting a giant shark underwater. Other images include an octopus using 8 phones at once, a waitress pouring coffee into a cup that's already full, and a "cat video" with a giant kitten recording a human playing with a yarn ball, a woman in a hot tub full of money, a table full of lobsters, and a brain jumping off an exploding red couch.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You deserve Virgin Mobile, but something in your brain is afraid to switch. It's time to retrain your brain. 
Virgin Mobile. 
All the phones you love in one or eight. 
With unlimited data, unlimited messaging, unlimited cat videos. 
Muchos gatos. 
Don't pay for things you don't need. 
Like wasted minutes. 
$35 a month. Think of your wallet. 
Think of the lobster. Think of those fancy tissues with the aloe vera you always wanted. What are you still sitting there? Switch! Wake up, brain. Switch. 
Switch to the Samsung Galaxy 4G LTE. 
Virgin Mobile. $35 a month. Tasty town. 
Change is good. 
It's time to switch to Virgin Mobile

Written Text

Retrain your Brain 
Virgin Mobile 
A higher calling

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