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"The new ┼áKODA Octavia - TV ad" 
This advert begins with a Skoda Octavia driving down an ocean highway. We then see a father playing basketball with his son in the driveway. A little girl is watching from inside, and she sees this scene a little differently. When the father picks up his song so he can reach the basketball hoop, with the sun in the background, it looks like the boy slam dunks the sun through the hoop. Another illusion of perspective we see is a cliff diver in the distance being "flicked" off the rocks by a woman sitting nearby in a car. Next a woman high up in a building puts her hand out so it looks like she's playing with a toy car, but it's actually a real car way down on the ground. Shadows of bicyclists look like real cyclists, a man pretends he's eating the sun with a spoon, and a car trunk "eats" the moon.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Life is full of amazing moments. Times when you see things differently. When the everyday becomes a little less ordinary. 
Introducing the new Skoda Octavia. Visit or a Skoda retailer for a test drive. 
Skoda, simply clever. 
I wanna ??? 
I want to ??? 
I want to sing 
But most of all I want to be driving 
I want to dance and become ??? 
I want myself to know that I'm alive 
Am I alive 
I want to gaze 
Just want to make you money 
Just want to feel it starting 
You are a deal I want to be engaged in 
Myself away

Written Text

2SH 0934 
The new Skoda Octavia. 
Amazing every day. 
Simply Clever

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