"Theophilus London: Chevy Sonic Milk Run | Chevrolet" 
This commercial show Theophilus London in his house riding a skateboard to the refrigerator. He opens up the fridge and pulls out a milk container only to find that it is empty. He tosses the empty carton out and takes his Chevy Sonic out for a trip to the grocery store. The thing about his car is that he drives it like it's a skateboard instead of a car. He comes spinning out of his driveway and does all kinds of tricks and jumps on his way to the store. After a jump he lands on top of a semi and rides on it for a while before jumping off and doing more tricks. He gets his milk from the market and then drives the same way back home.

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The ready-for-anything Chevrolet Sonic. Chevrolet - find new roads. 
All around the world 
Everybody's singing along 
Never lookin' back, it's a long, long way from my home 
Uh, this feels so good right now 
You're now listenin' to the world renowned international 
We are back and makin' music like it's nineteen sixty four

Written Text

LVRS University 
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Sonic is not a skateboard. Do not attempt. 
Seafood since 1928 
Sonic is still not a skateboard. Do not attempt. 
Sonic R5 Turbo 
Mini Market 
Chevrolet Sonic 
Find new Roads

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