"Appy Fizz 2013 Commercial - Dream Hangout" 
This commercial shows Saif Ali Khan in pajamas dancing to a Bollywood soundtrack hit. He dances with several woman in silver dresses as well as a giant sized bottle of Appy Fizz.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dude, what are you doing here? 
Just hanging out, dude. 
Hang out in your own dream, this is my dream. 
Yeah, but this is my ad. See? So? 
But this is my dream. 
Yea, but this is my ad. 
My dream. 
Saif, forget my ad. We have never had so many girls behind us before. 
You're right. Let's not stop. 
Happy Fizz - a cool drink to hang out with. 
Oh oh oh oh 
O o oo ooo 
Hum donon hain alag alag, Hum donon hain juda juda 
Ek duje se kabhi kabhi, rehte hain hum khafa khafa 
Main khiladi tu anari 
Main anari tu khiladi

Written Text

Appy Fizz 
Hang out with Fizz and Saif at 
A cool drink to hang out with 
Parle Agro

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