"Apple - iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Brilliant" 
This commercial features 3 worlds that show how you can use or play with your iPhone 5. The first words is "Sweet" and it begins with a recipe app showing a strawberry desert, a baby announcement received electronically containing a picture of a newborn baby, a clip from the movie "Up", and someone doing a sweet trick in a skateboarding game. Next the word "Rise" shows someone viewing a picture of a sunrise, someone using the Starbucks app to scan a electronic gift card barcode, an app showing energy savings going up, as well as someone using their iPhone as the remote control for a helicopter. The last word is "Brilliant" and we see someone reading about Albert Einstein, someone solving a Rubik's Cube on an app, someone writing a math equation which it then convert into numbers and solves, someone using an LED lightbulb and controling the brightness and color from the phone,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Written Text

Move, Inspire, Smooch, Relax, Marvelous, Focus, Learn, Solve, Cheer, Outstanding, Play, Dazzle, Shine, Reach, Zoom, Sweet 
Strawberries with Romanoff Sauce - Vanilla Beans, Strawberries, Whipping Cream, Brown Sugar, Sour Cream, Cointreau, Sugar 
Sleek, Surprise, Leader, Vibrant, Spontaneous, Fresh, Listen, Maximize, Laugh, Guide, Spark, Phenomenal, Hello, Boom, Share, Rise 
Starbucks Gift Card 
Q1 Energy Efficiency 
Social, Delight, Aspire, Click, Colorful, Motivate, Unify, Write, Read, Artistic, Define, Show, Go, Dream, Anywhere, Brilliant 
Out of My Later Years 
MyScript Calculator 
Beautiful, Active, Top, Curious, Exciting, Simple, Fast, Intelligent, Bold, Powerful, Love, All, Energy, Awesome, iPhone

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