"2013 Honda Fastest Seat in Sports - Perspectives" 
This commercial features a man (Ryan Harry) getting into the back seat of an IndyCar behind Mario Andretti. As they drive off, the man starts screaming because of how fast they are driving. For Mario Andretti, it is just a nice Sunday drive, as he enjoys a rainbow and the a gentle puff of breeze the causes dandelion seeds to float off. He also takes the time to notice a beautiful woman sitting in the crowd waving at him. The entire time, opera music is playing in his head.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mario Andretti: You signed a waiver? 
Ryan Harry: Waiver? 
Two seats - one for you and one for racing legend, Mario Andretti. The Fastest Seat in Sports Sweepstakes. Enter for a chance to start an IZOD Indy Car series race at

Written Text

IZOD Fastest Seat in Sports

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