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In this Old Navy commercial, the flight attendant (Julie Hagerty) announces the latest "style upgrade" in the form of Old Navy T-shirts. When Julie uses the speaker phone to announce this upgrade, she wants to know who is responsible for this style upgrade. Just then, the door to the airplane bathroom is kicked out and the one and only Mr. T emerges. I pity the fool who doesn't get to Old Navy for the Buy one Tee, get one Free sale, going on now at Old Navy. 
"Old Navy: Is There a Tee Expert on the Plane? - Mr. T"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Attention passengers, we're all getting upgraded with new and improved Old Navy Best Tees. 
Pardon the interruption, but who's responsible for all these upgraded Tees? 
Did someone say T? Don't you know Old Navy makes Tees in more stylish fits, brighter colors, cooler patterns and even better fabrics? 
Everyone looks fantastic! 
My work here is done. 
Roger that. Right now, buy a Tee, get one free. Old Navy. Come fun, come all.

Written Text

Buy a Tee 
Get One Free 
Old Navy 
Come fun, come all

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