This commercial for Wells Fargo banking is all about a dad's day out, running errands with his baby. They go to the dry cleaners, buy a gift using a smartphone, paying through Wells Fargo banking. They go to a "Your Body After Baby" class, but leave almost immediately. The dad takes his son to lunch, where he watches a game on television. Before heading home, but after stopping at the Natural Food store, he realizes he forgot to deposit a check. No problem! He snaps a photo of the check with his smartphone and easy as that, the check is deposited. 
"Wells Fargo Commercial: Dad's day out with baby"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Uh-huh. Honey, I got this. We got this, right? Dry cleaning, done. Gift for your Aunt, done. 
Today we're going to be talking about your body after baby. 
Yep. We're done. OK, let's get some lunch. Yes! All right! Yes honey, all natural, everything. Done. Oh, I forgot the check. Done. 
On your phone, online, on the go, Wells Fargo makes it easy to get banking done.

Written Text

Your Body After Baby 
Wells Fargo 
Together We'll Go Far

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