Two women contemplate how it is that Starburst makes their candy so deliciously juicy. We have the answer. It's the sweet, sweet sounds of Michael Bolton, singing to the orchard trees, causing them to grow mouth-wateringly juicy fruits for Starburst chewy candies. That's right. Michael Bolton is the reason for the outrageous taste of Starburst candy.  
"Starburst - Orchard"

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How do they make Starburst taste so juicy? 
Well, I hear there's the secret orchard where Michael Bolton serenades the trees. It's called "Boltonizing". His voice is so smooth, it creates the juiciest flavors in the world. And then they give it all to Starburst.  
Starburst. Unexplainably juicy. 
(Lyrics) It makes me say, uh-huh 
Tell me you're forever mine 
Baby you and me, till the end of time

Written Text

Unexplainably Juicy

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