Two men are taking a break from their landscaping work, to enjoy some juicy Starburst candies. One man asks the other, how is it that Starburst tastes so juicy. The second man explains the "Juicy Dragon" who is shown incredibly funny videos. Videos so funny that the dragon laughs and cries juicy tears, which are then collected and put into the Starburst. The "Juicy Dragon" watches a youtube video of a cat, playing a keyboard. No wonder Starburst are so delicious. 
"Starburst - Tears"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How do they make Starburst taste so juicy? 
The Juicy Dragon? They show funny videos to the giggly dragon, he laughs so hard that he cries super juicy tears, and they put them in the Starburst. You didn't know that? Everybody knows that. 
A juicy dragon? 
Starburst. Unexplainably juicy.

Written Text

Unexplainably Juicy

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