This ad is a promo for Season 2 of Playhouse Presents. 
"Playhouse Presents Season 2 (Promo Trailer)"

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If you listen carefully, you can hear it. 
Is that it for you? Knowing what might have been? 
No, I shouldn't be. 
But you are! 
Could you go on for Roger if he dropped down dead? 
Near the top of the tree now. They're sending in the big guns.  
Absolutely what the part needed. I loved it. 
Extraordinary performances from world-class talent. 
And you, have been officially invited back to the stage. 
Playhouse Presents starts the 18th of April on Sky Arts 1 HD. 
(Lyrics) You tell me there's a reason that our love collapsed

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Sky Arts 1 HD 
Playhouse Presents 
14 Unique New Plays 
New. Unmissable. Exclusive. 
"Classy, thought provoking" - The Times 
Kylie Minogue 
Rhy Ifans 
Mark Gatiss 
Julia Davis 
Stephen Graham 
Vanessa Redgrave 
Ricky Tomlinson 
Anna Friel 
Ian Hart 
Playhouse Presents 
18th April

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