This advert for My Special K reminds us how we used to enjoy summertime. Get back that feeling by using My Special K to plan a healthy way to lose weight and have a carefree summer in your swimsuit. 
"My Special K carefree summer television advert"

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Remember when we couldn't wait to get into our swimsuits? Well, this summer, let's bring back that joy with My Special K. Starting now, create your free, personalized slimming plan with loads of healthy recipes and delicious Special K cereals and snacks. Let's love summer like we used to. Carefree summers. What will you gain when you lose? 
(Lyrics) Warm sun, ocean time is broken 
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh 
Come sail away, come sail away with me

Written Text

carefree summers 
What will you gain when you lose?

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