This commercial for Bud Light begins with a man running to catch a ride in the elevator with a beautiful woman. After the doors close and the elevator has started to move, it suddenly comes to a halt. The man asks the woman if she wants a Bud Light. The two share a drink together, dancing in the elevator. Once the elevator starts to move again, the woman gives the man her phone number, telling him to call her sometime. After they both exit the elevator, the man stops at the security guard desk when he sees another beautiful woman walking toward the elevator. As he starts back toward the elevator with his cooler of Bud Light, one of the security guards stops him, telling him that "this one is mine". The security guards have been taking turns stopping the elevator when a gorgeous woman is inside. 
"Bud Light - The Elevator"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sorry, sorry. 
Oh that's just perfect. 
Bud Light? 
Call me sometime. 
Whoa. This one's mine. 
Stop the 
(Lyrics) Downtown we'll drown 
We're in our never splendor 
(Lyrics) Lady when you're with me I'm smiling 
(Lyrics) You're the meaning in my life 
You're the inspiration 
You bring feeling to my life 
You're the inspiration 
Wanna have you near me 
I wanna have you hear me say 
No one needs you more than I need you

Written Text

Bud Light 
Always worth it

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